Monday, April 11, 2011

stirring of the heart

I can definitely feel the Lord stirring my heart....I just am not sure what for just yet.  Do you ever have times like that?  Where you know something is coming, a lesson or a change of some kind, but you aren't sure what yet?  That is where I am at.  It's been going on for a few weeks now and getting progressively stronger.  Honestly, it makes me nervous, but I am excited at the same time.  What could the Lord have in store for me? What is he preparing my heart for?  I am going to be doing a great deal of prayer in hopes of sorting through the mess of thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart because right now its all a bit jumbled. 

On a different note, we added to our family yesterday!  No, I am not pregnant.  We sponsored a Compassion child!  He is 8 years old and lives in Ethiopia and I think my heart grew the moment I saw his sweet picture.  I am really excited about this relationship and the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to this boy across the world from me.  The husband and I have already starting brainstorming what we want to send him in his first letter/package.  One thing is a definite- he is going to be overloaded with pictures of the pups because I am a crazy mom with all my picture taking of them.  For example:

 Bo sporting his 3d glasses

 clearly this is old...Tallulah is now almost 4 years old! But is this not the sweetest picture? Precious.

 Bo at Halloween a few years ago....dont you think he loved his costume??

 best friends

This picture is here for two reasons: 1)Do your pets not sit on dining room chairs? No? Just ours? Bad dog.
2) I finally am figuring out photoshop so hopefully my pictures will improve.  We shall wait and see.

I look forward to updating you on our new family member in the months to come and how the Lord is using him to teach us!  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, I highly recommend visiting Compassion International's website.  They are an amazing organization that is sharing the love of Jesus to all the nations!

Have a blessed week!!

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  1. love the pups! also, I know that feeling about the Lord preparing you but not sure what for. His timing will be perfect as He reveals more of it to you!