Monday, March 21, 2011

book nerd

I am a book nerd.  This is not a huge revelation by any means, this has been common knowledge to anyone who has known me since about the age of 4.  I was OBSESSED with the library as a kid, partly because I was partially banned from buying books as a kid because I read them so fast it was a waste of money.  ((I have vivid memories as a kid of visiting the bookstore (pre B&N...we are talking Bookstop here folks) with my mom and sister and sitting on the little step stools in the kid section and read 2/3 of a babysitter's club book while they shopped around. I can see my Mom's point now.))  But if there was any type of reading competition, I was all over it.  BookIt!, Bluebonnet books, summer reading programs, I owned them all.  That is because not only did they involve my love of books, but also a chance for me to crush other little kids and show my literary superiority...I was competitive at a young age ok? 

I still love to read as an adult, maybe not quite as frequently, but its still a great love.  This all being said, I would never claim to be well-read.  I do not read the classics or important books filled with social commentary.  Those that I have actually read were probably required reading for my English classes growing up.  Not that I don't enjoy those (although who really actually liked Moby Dick?) but that is not the genre I lean to typically.  I prefer quick, easy, entertaining reads.  My recently read book list would have quite a few books in common with a 16 year old (without the Bieber biography) and I am quite okay with that.  I love Nicholas Sparks books, Harry Potter, Twilight, most fiction best sellers, you get the idea.  So of course the Hunger Games series was on my MUST list for my trip last week during spring break. 

Now some folks might get embarrased to have to visit the TEEN FICTION/ADVENTURE section at their local bookstore, but I am not one to.  In fact, I make mental notes of other books to look up:)..not really but I probably should.  ANYWAYS.....I was super excited to bust this bad boy out on my flight to visit my sister last week and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  I loved it!  It was a great story and I couldn't wait to read the next two books in the trilogy and they were equally as entertaining.  It was a really new plot concept with intriguing characters and I didn't want to put them down. So if you are on the market for a new series, I highly recommend this one.  Or if you hate reading and think I am crazy person, they are making the series into a movie(s) and they are currently casting the main characters, so get excited!  

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